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Are you ready to take your passion for cleanliness and turn it into a profitable business venture? Join our waitlist today and be the first to gain access to the most comprehensive course on starting, running, and growing a successful pressure-washing business! 
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Here's Whats Inside The Course

Take a quick peak on what The 7-Figure Pressure Washing Blueprint will cover.
Step 1 - Planning

Lesson 1: Start with Why

Lesson 2: Business Plan

Lesson 3: What a Typical Day Looks Like

Lesson 4: A Healthy Leadership Mindset

Lesson 5: Network and Mentorship

Lesson 6: Starting on your own vs. franchising

Lesson 7: Market Research and Competitive Advantage

Lesson 8: Choosing a business name

Lesson 9: Financing


Step 2 - Starting Up

Lesson 1: Registration and business licenses

Lesson 2: Opening a business bank account

Lesson 3: Business Insurance

Lesson 4: Business Vehicles

Lesson 5: Safety and Regulations for Pressure Washing

Step 3 - Equipment and Supplies

Lesson 1: Finding a Chemical Supplier
Lesson 2: The Essential Equipment
Lesson 3: Truck and Equipment Demo
Lesson 4: Why invest in Quality Equipment?

Step 4 - Services and SOPs (DEMOS)

Lesson 1: Choosing Services and Niching Down
Lesson 2: How to Get a 5-Star Review
Lesson 3: House Washing Procedure
Lesson 4: Wood Cleaning Services
Lesson 5: Concrete Cleaning (Flatwork)
Lesson 6: Roof Cleaning
Lesson 7: Work-Day SOP

Step 5 - Crew and Systems

Lesson 1: Scaling through Others
Lesson 2: Leading a Team
Lesson 3: Establishing Team Culture
Lesson 4: Recruitment and Building a Team
Lesson 5: Onboarding and Training
Lesson 6: Performance-Based Payscale

Step 6 - Marketing and Lead Generation

Lesson 1: Brand Identity and Awareness
Lesson 2: Advertising and Lead Generation
Lesson 3: Website and Social Presence
Lesson 4: Marketing Strategy

Step 7 - Sales and Estimations

Lesson 1: Scaling up Sales
Lesson 2: The Essence of a Salesman
Lesson 3: Pricing Your Services
Lesson 4: Getting your First Customer
Lesson 5: Door-to-door Sales Script
Lesson 6: Estimate Sales Script
Lesson 7: Estimate Do’s and Don’ts
Lesson 8: The Follow-up Process
Lesson 9: Getting Commercial Sales

Step 8 - Managing Profits

Lesson 1: Accounting Software
Lesson 2: Using a CRM
Lesson 3: Business vs Personal Finances
Lesson 4: How to Manage Finances for Scaling
Lesson 5: Do you need a CPA?